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Mary Imbong x Watsons


Watsons 2015 Journal

I collaborated with Watsons (Philippines) for their 2015 Journal. It was probably the largest and most fulfilling project I’ve worked on so far. Check out the spreads I made for each month, the cover page I’m personally obsessed with, and other frills I made for the rest of the pages.





Personal | For Sale

I accumulated a number of personal pieces since I started quilling. As much as I want to fill my tiny work space with my art, I figured it best to give them the chance to brighten up another home. All artworks in this collection are available for purchase




Vivi July 2014



I started quilling in 2013 as a hobby. Unemployed, bored, and full of ideas, I discovered the curious art of Paper Quilling in one of my art books. I wasn’t into YouTube at all then so I experimented and eventually taught myself how to make one. I posted them online hoping to get a few likes, and eventually ended up getting orders.